One of the most valuable assets your company can invest in today is its website. Your website is the first direct contact many customers will ever have with your company. Building an effective, stylish website to cater to your clientele is critical Here are four tips for web design that will help drive traffic and conversion rates for any small business:

  1. Optimize Your Website

    Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the most important tool you have to increase traffic for your website immediately. Typically it is recommended to seek professional SEO and content experts to optimize your website, but you can take some steps to see results immediately. Perform keyword research and see which terms are going to drive traffic to your website. After figuring out which keywords will help you out the most, utilize these keywords in your title, description tags, headers and the content on your pages. There are other methods to work on SEO as well, including links to your website from other relevant websites, but incorporating focused keywords should help you see a small boost immediately.

  2. Clearly Present Your Value

    Many web designers get so caught up in making a website beautiful that they lose focus on the key purpose of the website, to present the company to the public. Use your homepage to provide your company's value statement clearly. Let the customer know exactly what value you offer that your competitors don't, whether it's better quality service, prices that can't be beat, or anything in-between. Make sure you provide engaged visitors with easy ways to contact or request additional information, such as clearly providing email forms and contact information.

  3. Keep It Simple

    Businesses with strong brands and enormous customer bases can afford to go crazy with their website. Unfortunately for a small business, your users haven't been trained to use your specific website yet, so you have to provide them what they are looking for as efficiently as possible. Keep your homepage as simple as possible, and clearly include everything a visitor could be looking for: your logo or slogan, information about your services or product, contact information, blog, pricing, etc. Website visitors are notoriously finicky, make they can find everything the need before moving on to the next website.

  4. Offer Visitors Valuable Content

    You want to give your visitors a reason to come back to your website again. Provide a blog with information relevant to your industry and customers, and update it regularly. Provide updates often on your social media pages and continue to link them to your website. Offer online-exclusive sales and promotions regularly. Giving your customers a reason to return to your website often will give you more opportunities to sell and showcase value to you. It will also drill your brand into their head so they will be more likely to provide referrals and spread the word about your company.

Web design continues to implement new changes based on e-commerce and the wide open, peer to peer source application environment. Here are just a few of the web design trends that you should know if you are looking to do business on the Internet.

Mobile first design

With the ever increasing commerce that is being done on smart phones and tablets, responsive web design is giving way to "mobile first" web design. In order to sell your wares, you should invest in design that is guaranteed to work on the smaller screens. You must also consider the psychology of the customer on the smart phone - it is quite different from that same customer sitting in front of a laptop.

New scrolling techniques

As people are becoming more used to doing business on the small screen of the smart phone, they are more willing to accept more information on these mediums. This means that websites can actually give themselves a design advantage with original scrolling ideas. You can expect to see parallax scrolling, column scrolling and infinite scrolling increase in the near future. Do not be afraid to implement these techniques into your own web design.


HTML5, despite its many shortcomings, seems to have muscled its way into becoming the industry standard for coding and web design. You can bet that if you have not switched to an HTML5 ready platform for your own hosting and e-commerce, you will soon be left behind. However, be sure that you do not move too far ahead of the curve. Your customers should not be waiting for a minute and a half for your website to load just because you feel like incorporating HTML5 before it is truly necessary.

Micro UX Effects

Within the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets, a higher attention to detail will be required in order to keep the attention of customers. You can expect to see micro UX effects take center stage as web designers jockey for position and strive to impress their clients with great looking design.

Stephen Dent Design is owned an operated by Stephen Dent, a qualified graphic designer and web developer. We specialize in all aspects of web design and web programming and we are sure that we can meet any project demand that you set forth for us to complete. Stephen Dent Design has been consistently building a steady clientele of referral business, and we know that's not by accident. We strive to excel and feel that our efforts will directly reflect positively about your online web presence. We hope to be able to earn your business and are interested in building long term relationships with all of our clients. Feel free to contact us by Email on our contact page. 

We offer a full range of Web Development services including: Logo Design, Site Design, Content Writing, CMS Management and SEO.

  • Dent Logo Design

    • One of Stephens specialties here at Dent Design, Logo development can be one of the most important aspects of launching a website or business. Your logo establishes your brand and without a well-designed logo, your company or website isn’t going to appear professional.
  • Dent Web Development

    • Here at Stephen Dent Design our primary focus is web development. Most of the clients we work with require some web development services, whether that be a new project from scratch or a website that needs to be updated or a HTML website that needs a CMS integration, We have the skills to get your project completed to your needs and our high standards.
  • Dent Content Writing

    • We also offers Content Writing for your website. It is important to understand that content is King. Not only does it make your website look more complete and informative, it also gives Google a better opportunity to index more content and more indexed content means a better chance to show up in Google.
  • Dent SEO

    • Probably the most important service we offer, SEO or Search Engine Optimization focusing on targeting keywords that meet the requirements of your company, service or product and optimizes your content for better search engine results. If you have a great website but no one knows that it exists there isn’t much point in having one. We have the knowledge and skills to optimize your website and drive more traffic to it than ever before. We can also create an SEO action plan for brand new websites to help new clients establish their presence online.



Any time you are thinking of launching a personal blog, a corporate website or even an eCommerce store online, it is essential to test your site prior to launching it live for potential viewers and customers to see. Understanding how to test your website before going live is a way to avoid a high bounce rate and losing potential paying customers. The more prepared you are after testing your website, the less likely you are to encounter any issues or bug reports from visitors and customers on your site.

Browser Compatibility

Before launching any website or online presence it is imperative to check your website's URL with various web browsers. Some of the most popular web browsers today include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. Be sure to check browser compatibility and how your website is viewed in each program prior to going live.

Mobile-Friendly Tests

Incorporate a mobile-friendly version of your website that is accessible to both mobile users as well as those who are using tablet devices. With the growth in mobile users and Internet access with electronic devices it is imperative to have a site that is functional regardless of where a user is located. Using a mobile-friendly site can drastically increase the number of followers and readers you have.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is also highly advisable with the growth in use of mobile smartphones and tablets. Responsive design makes it much easier for users to navigate websites, click links and find content when using devices other than a computer. Whether the user decides to turn their screen or wants to zoom into the website, responsive design ensures a user is capable of using the website as normal.

Create a Focus Group

Create a focus group with the demographic you are targeting to test your website, its functionality and usability before launching it live to the public. Getting honest feedback from your target audience is a way to learn how to implement positive changes to your website before you begin marketing and promoting it.

Understanding how to test a website before gong live can ultimately mean the difference between a failure to launch and launching a successful website or new brand. The more testing that occurs prior to promoting a website or online application, the less likely you are to encounter bugs and other issues that prevent users from accessing your content, products and services that you have to offer.

When you want to build your online presence with your website or the type of blog your are running, implementing social media is essential to outshine competitors and to build a following and fan base. Understanding how to properly and effectively market your website with social media is a way to build your professional image while increasing the number of visitors and page views your website receives daily.

Brand Yourself

Branding yourself with the same logo, color scheme and message across all social media communities as well as your official website is essential to make a name for your brand or business online.

Register Official Pages

Any time you register a name for your brand or website, be sure to do so without numbers and added characters. Using your official brand name is essential to gain more traction with getting followers online while also appearing more professional to individuals who have just stumbled upon your page themselves.

Use a Genuine Voice

Any time you want to build a name for yourself with social media it is important to use a genuine voice when sharing updates. Avoid sounding too corporate and instead, relate to your visitors and users on a more personal level. Using a genuine voice and engaging with your followers is a way to connect while boosting brand loyalty.

Share Useful and Original Content

It is also imperative to share useful and original content when marketing your website with social media. Because users prefer new information, avoid spamming your followers with other blogs' updates and content. Creating your own original and unique content is one of the best ways to build a brand and market a business online.

Consistency Matters

Updating regularly is essential to keep fans coming back for more information and content. Create an updating schedule to maintain focus and to ensure you are delivering new information to those who are genuinely interested in your business or brand.

The more you focus on implementing various marketing techniques and strategies into your own business plan with the use of social media, the easier it becomes to reach any audience or target demographic you have in mind. Knowing how to put social media to use to help with growing a business or brand name online is a way for you to take your company to the next level of success, regardless of the industry you are working in or representing.

It's only been a few months since Time Inc., a company that has a longstanding tradition in the American media publishing space, separated from its former parent Time-Warner. The split marked the end of a painful chapter in the history of AOL/Time Warner, and it signaled a fresh start for a company that was once known for quality media products such as the former print version of Time magazine.

The Responsive Web Design Facelift

Aside from the flagship Time website, the company is holding on to Fortune, Money and Sports Illustrated. These valuable properties are undergoing major renovations in terms of layout and Web design. Time's websites are not necessarily cookie-cutter in terms of design. They may share a common Content Management System (CMS) in Drupal, but visitors to Sports Illustrated will certainly get a different feel than they do visit Fortune. Web designers, however, will recognize responsive web design (RWD) across all Time websites.

RWD is one the most reasonable paradigm in modern Web development. The proposal is simple: To create websites that will be functional and attractive across all platforms. In the case of Sports Illustrated, the goal is to present a functional and aesthetic browsing experience on a desktop computer, an iPad, a Nokia smartphone, or an Android-powered portable device. It is important to note that RWD goes beyond mere device detection; it actually ignores devices and adjusts in accordance to factors such as screen size and input.

RWD as a Business Decision

Aesthetics and user experience are not the sole factors upon which Time decided to apply RWD to Sports Illustrated. Online advertising is how stays in business, and this has been a major selling point in relation to RWD. Being able to tell advertisers that their brands and message will be displayed across multiple platforms is crucial. A current marketing trend is to reach prospects on their mobile devices, and RWD makes this possible.

With RWD, not everything will translate well when displayed on mobile devices. To this effect, Sports Illustrated promotes FanNation, a mobile app that is dedicated to fantasy league sports. FanNation is more prominently advertised when visitors reach from their smartphones and tablets; this is when they are reminded to install and launch the app.

For a company such as Time, implementing RWD is clearly a business decision. Web developers must realize that not all clients will choose RWD since it has a tendency to do away with certain artistic elements that are better appreciated from desktop browsers. Still, more clients are warming up to RWD since they can see its bottom line benefits.

Website owners generally want to bring in as much traffic as possible because traffic generates revenue. Despite this desire to bring in traffic, it is amazing how many websites contain one or more of the elements that turn traffic away. Here are the top five things you can do to make sure that steady Internet traffic never visits your website. Of course, you can also avoid these things and increase your chances of seeing more traffic as well.

Loud Colors

Bright and loud colors are difficult to look at on t-shirts, so there is no reason to think that they are attractive on a website. But there are still plenty of websites utilizing bright neon colors that cause web traffic to rapidly click away to another site.

Automatically Starting Multimedia

Internet users love music and videos. But what they do not love is having a video or song start the moment they land on your website. More often than not, users are quickly hunting for the button that turns off your automatic multimedia. You can help your traffic by giving the user the option of turning your multimedia on or not.

Bad Links

You want your website to be a resource to your users and they want to be able to use your site to find valuable information. Few things frustrate an Internet user more than bad links on a website. Take some time each day to check your website links to make sure that they go where they need to go.

Disorganized Layout

The front page of your website needs to be a user friendly interface that invites users to check out the rest of your site. When you put too much on your front page, then that turns off users and stops the traffic from flowing. Your front page needs to have an organized layout that makes everything easy to find and use.

Burying Content

Users will click on three links to find the information they are looking for. If your popular content is buried deeper than three clicks, then you will have a very difficult time convincing people to utilize your website.

When you design your website, you have to make sure that it is user friendly and attractive to web traffic. Instead of creating a website that people run from, you should take the time to create an effective website that will bring a lot of good, revenue-generating traffic.

Stephen Dent has had a focused interest in Web Design and all related creative forms of design many years but has been focusing on Web Development for the last 3 years. Stephen has seen the evolution of the internet from back when he built his first website using the classic Microsoft Front Page. Of course no one uses Front Page anymore and websites aren’t pieces of static content floating on the web anymore either.Stephen Dent Design understands the importance of creating not only an appealing website, but also functional and interactive website that can dynamically interact with its users and guests. Stephen Dent specializes with CMS (Content Management Systems) and can design and develop a site to fit your needs under any popular platform such as Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal and others.

Managing a successful website today is no longer reliant on the number of advertisement impressions you receive on a website. FOcusign on building a reputation with the use of social media and learning more about various tools and resources to help with boosting advertising and marketing online can help to take any business or brand you have in mind to the next level.

Consider Your Goals

Before you begin marketing or promoting a brand, service or product online, consider the goals you have in mind for yourself and how you want your company or business entity to be viewed by others. It is also important to consider the demographic you want to reach when you begin promoting any type of brand or service online.

Register Domain Names and Social Media Accounts

Once you have a name for the brand or business you plan to build, be sure to research all of the domain names as well as social media names currently available that match your company's name. Ensuring you are capable of having official domain and social media pages for your company's name is a way to smooth the process of building a professional reputation.

Update Consistently

Updating consistently is the key to success with any blog or website online. The more you update and share news with your online followers and subscribers, the more likely they are to come back for more content in the future.

The more you engage your users and get involved with giveaways, promotions and contests surrounding your brand, the easier it becomes to make a name for yourself whether you are working to become an entrepreneur yourself, a blogger or if you have a product or service you want to promote. Taking advantage of the tools available online today can ensure you outshine local and online competition regardless of the market or industry you are working in.

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