Stephen Dent Design is owned an operated by myself Stephen Dent and I have been running this firm since graduating with a Bachelors of Arts in Graphic Design. We specialize in all aspects of web design and web programming and am sure we can meet any project demand that you set forth for us to complete. Stephen Dent Design has been operational since 2012 and has since been building a steady clientele. We hope to be able to earn your business and are interested in building long term relationships with all of our clients. Feel free to contact us by Email on our contact page. 

Stephen Dent has had a focused interest in Web Design and all related creative forms of design many years but has been focusing on Web Development for the last 3 years. Stephen has seen the evolution of the internet from back when he built his first website using the classic Microsoft Front Page. Of course no one uses Front Page anymore and websites aren’t pieces of static content floating on the web anymore either. Stephen Dent and Stephen Dent Design understand the importance of creating not only an appealing website, but also functional and interactive website that can dynamically interact with its users and guests. Stephen Dent specializes with CMS (Content Management Systems) and can design and develop a site to fit your needs under any popular platform such as Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal and others.

Stephen Dent offers a full range of Web Development services including: Logo Design, Site Design, Content Writing, CMS Management and SEO.

  • Dent Logo Design

    • One of Stephens specialties here at Dent Design, Logo development can be one of the most important aspects of launching a website or business. Your logo establishes your brand and without a well-designed logo, your company or website isn’t going to appear professional.
  • Dent Web Development

    • Here at Stephen Dent Design our primary focus is web development. Most of the clients Stephen Dent works with require some web development services, whether that be a new project from scratch or a website that needs to be updated or a HTML website that needs a CMS integration Stephen Dent has the skills to get your project completed to your needs and our high standards.
  • Dent Content Writing

    • Stephen Dent also offers Content Writing for your website. It is important to understand that content is King. Not only does it make your website look more complete and informative, it also gives Google a better opportunity to index more content and more indexed content means a better chance to show up in Google.
  • Dent SEO

    • Probably the most important service Stephen Dent offers, SEO or Search Engine Optimization focusing on targeting keywords that meet the requirements of your company, service or product and optimizes your content for better search engine results. If you have a great website but no one knows that it exists there isn’t much point in having one. Stephen Dent has the knowledge and skills to optimize your website and drive more traffic to it than ever before. Stephen Dent can also create an SEO action plan for brand new websites to help new clients establish their presence online.

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Have an Idea? Stephen Dent can help you make it happen. With today's growing need for businesses to have an online presence, its unavoidable to operate without having a functional website. Stephen Dent can help you create the website of your dreams that will give your company a professional image in the online market. We have experience and expertise to not only build your website but to make it successful too!

Contact Stephen Dent today to start a free consultation about building a new website for you or your business.

An up-and-coming graphic designer, Stephen Dent possesses extensive experience in web development and logo design. While a logo may seem like a minor aspect of business, a strong design can make a business interesting and memorable. Some of the world’s most successful companies, such as Nike and McDonald’s, are easily recognized just by the graphic element of their logos.

The key to a strong logo is choosing a simple design that reflects the business. A cluttered logo, with multiple colors, graphic elements, and phrases, will project an image as messy and forgettable as the design. At the same time, logos should not be so simple and boring that they make no impression.

To ensure that a logo doesn’t look amateurish, be sure to hire a professional graphic designer. While good designers may be costly, their expertise will be worth the price when the business is easily recognized by its interesting logo that captures its vision and purpose.

Today, the majority of mobile devices are manufactured with Internet access capabilities, so successful web design now needs to apply to more than just desktop browsers. Outdated websites may work well on traditional desktop computer screens, but when accessed on mobile devices they don’t render well.

The solution is responsive design, a method of designing a website so that it functions appropriately on any type of device, whether a user is viewing it on a laptop, a smart phone, or a tablet. This type of design can be costly, but experts say that business owners need to make it a priority in their budgets now so they are not overtaken by competitors implementing responsive websites. Because a user can access and use a responsive website on any device, a business using responsive design will never lose an opportunity to connect with a customer.

About Stephen Dent: Stephen Dent specializes in creating appealing, functional, and interactive websites.

While strong graphics can make a website visually appealing, it is even more important to incorporate a user-friendly design. Here are three principles of strong web design:

  1. Easy to use and understand: Strong web design does not overwhelm a consumer with graphics and information. Users should be able to easily navigate the site without being distracted by excessive video, sound, or visual elements.
  2. Strong writing and graphics: Rather than cluttering a page with colors, images and excessive words, the best web design integrates concise writing and strong images to convey information.
  3. Thoroughly tested: Outside users can bring new perspectives to a web site and identify issues a designer may overlook. Web designers should step back from their websites and have users test the design early and often.

About Stephen Dent: Graphic designer Stephen Dent has extensive experience creating professional and modern web designs.

The founder and owner of Stephen Dent Designs, Stephen Dent designs and develops sites under popular platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. As a website designer, Stephen Dent maintains awareness of cutting edge companies and technologies that could benefit his clients. One such company, the Toronto-based ShopLocket, recently announced a partnership with WordPress that will allow bloggers to sell merchandise directly from their blogs. Blog owners who use WordPress previously had to use third-party plugins to sell from their sites.

The new e-commerce platform is touted as easy to understand and use. The plug-in also will simplify the process for would-be buyers, who previously had click through from the blog to a separate website to purchase an item described on the blog.

ShopLocket hopes the new feature will encourage blog visitors to stay on the blog rather than dropping off when they realize they will be redirected to another site to make a purchase. The company charges a 2.5-percent fee per transaction, but WordPress users do not pay any upfront costs to set up ShopLocket.

Web design can evolve as quickly as modern fashion, and designers should integrate the latest trends to avoid creating websites that look antiquated and outdated.

Designers previously could get away with creating a simplified version of a website for smart phones and tablets, but modern users expect all of the features and content of a desktop website on their mobile devices. More and more Internet searching is done on smart phones and tablets, and businesses will lose valuable page views and customers if their site is too simple or too slow to load.

With an increasing interest in photographs and other visual images, today’s best websites include bigger images and succinct text. Many users like to share what they read and see, so links to social media pages are vital.

The best web design also takes advantage of tools that offer new and creative fonts, integrating creative combinations of fonts and graphics for eye-catching headlines and slogans.

About Stephen Dent: Stephen Dent is an experienced web designer with specializations in logo design, layout design, and CMS Integration.

I recently came across a creative design idea called "Adults say the darndest things... to their kids." I thought it was really creative and had a laugh or to.

Nathan Ripperger 

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